5 impossibly easy appetizers that only look gourmet


If you’re wondering how in the world you’ll please your discerning dinner guests, these easy, cheesy appetizers that not only look good but taste gourmet will certainly do the trick.

  • 1. Spiced cocktail Bocconcini

    Spiced cocktail bocconcini

    Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most effective. But that doesn’t make this cheesy appetizer look any less impressive. Here, a delightful savoury mix of spices surrounds a creamy ball of Canadian Bocconcini cheese, which satisfies cravings and whets the appetite all at the same time.

  • 2. Cottage Cheese stuffed tomatoes

    Cottage cheese stuffed tomatoes

    Round out your appetizer selection with this delightfully tangy recipe. Tangy capers, sour pickles, and wine vinegar are balanced out by mellow Canadian Cottage cheese. Once this appetizer becomes part of your regular roster, feel free to switch it up with Canadian Bocconcini, Mascarpone, Feta, and Ricotta for exciting new takes on texture.

  • 3. Savoury Feta baklava

    Savoury feta baklava

    Baklava gets a savoury twist with a hearty filling made of Canadian Feta, Swiss chard, pine nuts, and onions, all held together with crispy phyllo pastry dough. Topped with a drizzle of honey, this appetizer just layers on the flavour.


  • 4. Feta and melon brochettes

    Feta and melon brochettes

    This appetizer takes the most unlikely ingredients, places them side by side on a stick, and proves they can coexist in beautiful, delicious harmony. Since we first eat with the eyes, be sure to keep things visually appealing by opting for both yellow and red watermelon. To offset the sweetness, let the Canadian Feta, radish, and peppercorn spice tantalize your taste buds.

  • 5. Brie, mushroom and rosemary pastries

    Brie, mushroom and rosemary pastries

    Mushrooms and melted Canadian Brie have long been a go-to burger topping, but this phyllo dough-wrapped treat is proof you don’t need to wait for takeout to enjoy the two ingredients together. A dash of either dried or fresh rosemary adds an element of earthy bliss to this appetizer, while a buttery glaze will make you wish you were chowing down it for your main meal too.