New CBC report highlights nutritional value of milk

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When it comes to meeting your daily calcium requirements, avoiding milk and milk products might not be an easy or practical strategy says a recent report by CBC Marketplace which compared various sources of calcium.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team
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  • • CBC News: Marketplace episode “Food Fact Check” featured dietitian Andrea Miller
  • • Ms. Miller met with a family to uncover some of the myths about milk and other food sources of calcium

In a recent article, CBC looked at misconceptions about the nutritional value of milk and plant-based beverages. In an episode of Marketplace titled “Food Fact Check,” their reporter brought an expert dietitian to help one family uncover some of the myths about milk and other food sources of calcium.

While visiting the family, the dietitian highlights the calcium content of milk and how much other food would need to be consumed to get an equivalent amount of calcium. She also conveys to the family featured in the segment that Canadian milk is produced without artificial growth hormones and doesn’t contain antibiotics.

View the CBC’s “Food Fact-Check” report and read their analysis of how plant-based beverages compare to milk.



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