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Analyst Policy & Trade

Corporate Resource

Dairy Farmers of Canada is currently seeking an Analyst, Policy & Trade to join our team. Apply today!

Donia Farms

Consumer Brand

Discover the Canadian Dairy Products by Donia Farms

Armadale Farm

Consumer Brand

Discover the Canadian Dairy Products by Armadale Farm

2023 Annual Policy Conference

Corporate Resource

Join us February 15-16 for DFC’s 2023 Annual Dairy Policy Conference and hear industry experts discuss top issues and opportunities in the Canadian dairy sector.

How Many Cows are on Canadian Dairy Farms?

Corporate Article DFC - PLC

Dairy farms in Canada come in all shapes and sizes, and vary by region. At an average of 96 cows per farm, Canadian dairy farms might be smaller than you think.

Sustainable Dairy Farming Practices

Corporate Article DFC - PLC

From crop rotation to precision farming to water and land management, Canadian dairy farmers are leading the way in sustainable farming practices.

Preservation for a better tomorrow

Corporate Article Tommy Dion

Dairy Farmers of Canada is strengthening its commitment to responsible farming practices by joining forces with Ducks Unlimited Canada. I went to a farm to see for myself!