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Supporting community litre by litre

Corporate Article DFC - PLC

Learn how the dairy industry is supporting underserved communities and promoting access to nutritious foods.

Top 3 Benefits of Teaching Nutrition at School

Teach Nutrition Article DFC - PLC

Give your students the advantage of good nutrition. It will enhance their academic and life skills and help them establish a positive relationship with food.

Food cards

Teach Nutrition Resource

Picture cards of food and where it comes from, for fun activities about nutrition at your school or daycare!

Food Image and Origin Cards

Teach Nutrition Resource

Use these free food image and origin cards for fun, interactive food-related activities!

Foods with Calcium

Teach Nutrition Resource

Help your students find out how much calcium they are consuming each day.

Food Adventures with Felix the Farmer

Teach Nutrition Resource

Attention Kindergarten and Grade One Teachers! Felix the Farmer is here. This new poster with complementary flashcards and activity pamphlet make learning about nutrition and where food comes from fun for you and your students.