Our fab 5: Fruity and fragrant drink recipes


Balancing fruity aromas and creamy goodness, these expertly-dosed non-alcoholic drinks are beyond delightful. From mango lassi for chilling out to milk tea for cozying up, these are recipes you’ll want to save.

When it comes to layering on fruit flavours and delicious spices, you need a delicious base. From warm aromatic tea to cool no-booze classics, learn how to craft delicious drinks using Canadian dairy as your luscious creamy base.

  • 1. Mascarpone mango lassi


    Drinking a mango lassi is like sipping a perfectly ripe mango-flavoured cloud. What’s not to like? Here’s how we like to give this beverage a dessert-like decadence: keep the milk, but swap out the yogurt for the slightly less tangy but oh-so delicious Canadian Mascarpone. With a touch of fennel and cardamom powder, this drink will delight the senses.

  • 2. Orange-scented London fog


    The secret to making the best London fog is using more milk than water, giving it a wonderfully creamy texture. Add your own spin to this classic cold weather pick-me-up by infusing your tea with a strip of orange zest. It’s the perfect way to bring out the citrusy taste of bergamot in the Earl Grey tea – and to brighten a foggy day.

  • 3. Lychee & blueberry smoothie


    Who said floral flavours should be reserved for baking? Enhance what could be your standard blueberry smoothie with lychee, lending a rose-like aroma that makes this yogurt-based drink both creamy and dreamy. Perfect for a yummy post-workout replenishment. Delicious!

  • 4. Pu’erh & spices milk tea


    Not a milk drinker? This spiced milk tea made with pu’erh – a fermented and aged Chinese tea – will change your mind. Let star anise, cloves, and dried orange zest gently flavour the milk as it heats up on the stove (not after it’s been warmed). That’s the key to expertly melding spices into milk’s luscious texture. Plus, you’ll enjoy lovely aromas wafting throughout your home. 

  • 5. Iced orange green tea latte

    Iced Orange Green Tea Latte

    In this frothy and fantastic recipe, it’s as if an iced green tea latte married an orange julep. Cool Canadian milk is paired with fragrant vanilla and revivifying green tea to make for a smooth and anything-but-boring combo. Then add a zing of ginger and some zesty orange for a taste of summer no matter the season.