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Yogurt: Get in on a good thing

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Yogurt is more than just a satisfying snack. Recent research points to some interesting potential health benefits.

Bone health

Teach Nutrition Article DFC - PLC

What can you do to keep your bones healthy?

Building Bone Health

Teach Nutrition Article DFC - PLC

What Can You Do to Keep Your Bones Healthy

Spice Nut Health Muffins

Consumer Recipe

You don’t actually have to be a health nut to enjoy all the good-for-you stuff squeezed into these muffins.

Mindful Eating

Teach Nutrition Article DFC - PLC

Mindful eating: how to start a conversation with your students

Top 3 Benefits of Teaching Nutrition at School

Teach Nutrition Article DFC - PLC

Give your students the advantage of good nutrition. It will enhance their academic and life skills and help them establish a positive relationship with food.

Celebrating Women’s Health

Corporate News

Today, Moncton hosted the final stop in the cross-Canada symposium entitled Celebrating Women’s Health.