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Kids' Crazy Meatball Wraps

Consumer Recipe

A fun dinner will get the kids excited and parents will be thrilled to make an easy, nutritious meal that everyone will love. Serve crisp veggie sticks on the side.

The Softest Cinnamon Rolls

Consumer Recipe

A childhood classic revisited! Remember the homely taste of the cinnamon buns your parents used to bake for you when you were little?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Tarts

Consumer Recipe

Bursting with delicious flavour, these ultra-luscious chocolate and peanut butter tarts will bring a smile to the little ones...and to their parents as well. Indulge your loved ones – and your sweet tooth! – with these easy-to-make tarts, sure to become a hit during the holiday season.

Fluffy, No Rise Homemade Pizza Recipe

Consumer Recipe

An easy homemade recipe that is yeast-free and rise-free, so there is no kneading and no waiting. A perfectly fluffy crust ready to be topped with lots of Mozza!

Decadent Dessert Smoothies

Consumer Recipe

A few scoops of frozen yogurt whipped up with ice cold Milk and decadent flavours are all it takes to make these dessert smoothies. Truly an icy treat for the entire family!

Fruit-Filled Quick Cinnamon Rolls

Consumer Recipe

A biscuit dough that is quick to make lets you bake up a batch of these absolutely delicious cinnamon rolls in a fraction of the time traditional ones take. The Milk, dried fruit filling and whole grains add great texture and good nutrition!