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Personal Pizzas

Consumer Recipe

A nutritious homemade crust that is yeast-free and rise-free, so there is no kneading and no waiting. And the best part – each family member can have exactly what they want on top of their pizza – that’s why we call them “Presto Pizza Mia” or “My Fast Pizza”.

Breakfast Quiz

Teach Nutrition Resource

An interactive online quiz on breakfast for first and second graders.

Snack Quiz

Teach Nutrition Resource

An interactive online quiz for preschoolers: illustrated answers serve as nutritious snack ideas.

Lunch Quiz

Teach Nutrition Resource

An interactive online quiz for third and fourth graders. Nutritious and eco lunch ideas will help students get excited about packing their own lunch.

Body Image Quiz

Teach Nutrition Resource

An online quiz makes it fun for fifth and sixth graders to learn about body image!

Top 3 Benefits of Teaching Nutrition at School

Teach Nutrition Article DFC - PLC

Give your students the advantage of good nutrition. It will enhance their academic and life skills and help them establish a positive relationship with food.

Pierre Lampron Statement

Corporate News

Canada’s dairy farmers stand with our fellow Canadians in rejecting the US administration’s personal attacks on our Prime Minister

Blueberry jam with Canadian Aged Cheddar

Consumer Recipe

Capturing the taste of summer at its peak of perfection is so much more than just a flavour experience. Making your own preserves is a way of celebrating the season and making kitchen memories that last a lifetime. And you’ll be hard pressed to find something that makes a more satisfying pairing with your favourite Canadian cheese.

Everyone's Milk Pudding

Consumer Recipe

With winter on its way, it’s time to sweeten things up. These simple, personalized puddings are sure to please everyone’s palate.