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Bringing Sustainability to the Table

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Check out these zero-waste recipes developed by prominent chefs, and featuring delicious Canadian dairy. Sustainability has never tasted so good.

Farm to Home: A Sustainable, Net-Zero Future

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Did you know that doing your part to protect the environment in your everyday life looks a lot like how Canadian dairy farmers work to protect the environment? Read more about all the ways sustainability is being reached for at home and on the farm.

proAction and Sustainability Progress Report

Corporate Resource

The 2023 proAction® and Sustainability Progress Report highlights achievements and actions Canada’s dairy farmers have taken over the past year to ensure 100% Canadian milk is always safe, nutritious and high-quality.

Climate Change: Doing Our Part

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Canadian dairy farmers are deeply committed to combatting climate change and to adopting sustainable farming practices – our livelihood depends on it.