13 absolutely delicious homemade pizza ideas


Whether you’re snacking solo or dining at home, chowing down on pizza is always the right call. Whip up all 13 of these unique and fragrant pizza recipes to keep each pizza Friday tasting even better than the last.

Pizza is a universally adored food for a reason: it contains creamy, melted cheese, and zesty tomato sauce, all topped on a chewy crust. But if you’re looking to experiment with new ingredients and different Canadian cheeses, these delectable pizza recipes are bound to satisfy.

  • 1. Soft & Fluffy Homemade Pizza Dough

    Homemade pizza dough with milk

    Did you know the protein and sugars in milk actually help strengthen pizza dough while baking and create a beautiful, golden-brown crust? Start of your Pizza night with this deliciously soft and fluffy pizza dough made with milk.

  • 2. Tapas-style pizza with chorizo and Gouda


    Is this pizza too Gouda to be true? You be the judge. Herb-infused sour cream and Canadian Gouda bring a comfort food quality to this appetizer or entrée. Bite-sized portions that are perfect for sharing the love, this pizza pie will have you saying “That’s amore.”

  • 3. Apple & Swiss pizza


    It’s amazing how a dollop of applesauce can completely transform a standard marinara. Swapping Mozzarella for Canadian Swiss cheese yields yet another pop of surprising flavour that’ll have you coming back for more. Adding depth to the otherwise lighter-tasting affair is red onion, ground pepper, spinach and cider vinegar.

  • 4. Indian-style shrimp pizza with Mozzarella


    This isn’t your average Indian takeout dinner. Slices of traditional pillowy naan bread soak up the unexpected (yet totally satisfying!) combination of curried shrimp, mint, mango chutney, and Canadian Mozzarella cheese. Round out the meal with a side salad tossed in a simple dressing—after all, you want to let the pizza take centre stage.

  • 5. Brie, pear and greens pizza


    Before the magic happens, start with a butter, garlic, and thyme glaze atop your pre-baked pizza crust. Distribute either Canadian Brie or Camembert cheese between pear slices, and bake until the two toppings soften into one another and the crust is golden. Caramelized onions and microgreens are optional, yet highly encouraged.

  • 6. BBQ spinach ricotta pizza


    For a creamy rosé-like sauce in a pinch, mix a hefty dose of Canadian Ricotta cheese with tomato sauce. Slather it on top of a whole wheat crust, and finish it off with chopped baby spinach and Canadian Parmesan cheese. Dust off that barbecue and grill until crust is golden brown, and cheese is perfectly melted.

  • 7. Grilled butter chicken pizza


    You know and love grilled chicken sandwiches, so why not take them up a notch and enjoy them in Indian-style pizza form? Here, whipping cream and shredded Canadian Mozzarella add a comforting dose of dairy to the bold flavours featured in the garam masala, cayenne, and ginger sauce coating the chicken. Serve with topped cilantro for an added bright and zesty bite.

  • 8. Spicy spring pizza


    Shrimp’s light and neutral taste means the only logical step is to turn up its heat with a dash of hot pepper flakes. If you’re not big on heat, stick to the pizza’s wealth of other delicious toppings like crunchy, refreshing endive, baby spinach, and watercress that are far from your grandma’s greens.

  • 9. Pear and prosciutto pizza with Parmesan and arugula pesto


    Who knew prosciutto and pear make the perfect pair? What’s unique about this pizza is that it defies every convention: it uses mini burger buns instead of dough, homemade almond-arugula pesto instead of tomato sauce, and shaved Canadian Parmesan instead of Mozzarella.

  • 10. Festive seafood pizza


    A hearty seafood dinner is the ultimate way to celebrate, so why not shake things up even further by serving it atop a buttery puff pastry? Line your base with a garlicky butter and milk sauce, which provides the perfect foundation for scallops, shrimp, smoked salmon, red onion, and shredded Canadian Mozzarella. This recipe is basically a bagel and lox dressed in a tux and wearing a top hat.

  • 11. Pizza with squash and mushroom caponata


    Give your pizza sauce some extra oomph with a luxurious herb- and veggie-filled caponata, a chunky relish that adds both bold texture and taste to your pie. Boasting contrasting flavour profiles, grated Canadian Parmesan and Canadian Bocconcini toppings elevate this weeknight meal into something of a masterpiece.

  • 12. Mac & cheese pizza


    This is one of those pizza recipes your guests will be talking about for years to come. Skip the traditional pizza dough, and on a skillet, flatten a heaping portion of mac and cheese made of the luxurious mix of milk, butter, and Canadian Mozzarella. Top it off with pizza sauce, ham, bell pepper, and of course, even more cheese.

  • 13. Spinach and Havarti stuffed pizza


    There seems to be an unfortunate lack of calzones on restaurant menus, but as they say, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Fold butter-sautéed spinach, ooey gooey Canadian Havarti, and sliced ham into a pocket of dough, brush with butter before baking, and enjoy. There’s never been a tastier ham and cheese sandwich upgrade.

While many of these awesome homemade pizza recipes call for a specific type of dough, oftentimes you’ll have to DIY. Not to fear! Making your own pizza dough is as simple as kneading together yeast, flour, milk, sugar, and butter, and watching it rise to perfection. Enjoy!