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Curry: A world of flavour

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Curry is much more than the yellow powder you have in your spice rack. It involves an endless variety of spices that create the delicious curries we crave today.

NAFTA, CPTPP, Mercosur: Trade is in the news

Corporate Article Mr. Pierre Lampron

There has been much activity on the international trade front in the past weeks and months, including the conclusion earlier this week of the latest round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) re-negotiations.

Canadian agri-food production leaders unite

Corporate News

We celebrate achievements and commit to continue to advance Canada’s leadership role in the production of safe, sustainable and nutritious food ahead of the United Nations Food Systems Summit.

Hungarian Chicken Paprika

Consumer Recipe

This classic Hungarian dish has acquired international fame over the years, and the tasty paprika sauce is a great way to add excitement to that old family favourite, chicken.

When promises are no longer enough

Corporate News

Following the Annual General Meeting of the Dairy Farmers of Canada, which brought together some 200 dairy farmers from across the country in a virtual format, dairy farmers expressed concern that they have waited over a year for an announcement on the balance of compensation owed for losses related to recent international trade agreements.

Cheesy Meat Loaf with Apples

Consumer Recipe

Meatloaf gets a makeover! In the highly original recipe, apples and cheese – which go so well together – blend their flavours to perfection. Made with ground chicken and veal, every slice of meatloaf reveals big cubes of melted cheese. Pleasure in every bite!