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Sweet Summer Night

Consumer Recipe

Chef Jason Bangerter from Toronto, Ontario, created a sweet grilled cheese: Sweet Summer Night. The texture of pan-fried brioche is crispy on the outside and buttery in the inside: it is an instant brunch winner!

Friday Night Cheese Fondue

Consumer Recipe

Friday nights are custom-made for an interactive family meal – especially one that’s as easy to make as this. Everyone can talk about their week and plans for the weekend while dipping their favourite vegetables and other dippers into this warm, cheesy fondue.

Family Night Pizza

Consumer Recipe

It’s a real winner for dinner or even lunch. This sumptuous white sauce pizza is sure to have the whole family at the table faster than you can say, buon appetito!

Monday Night Mac and Cheese

Consumer Recipe

Five seconds is all that it takes to pour in the cream with this no fuss one-pot pasta dish that doesn’t even require draining. It’s so fast and easy, you can prepare any day magic any time. The cream, milk and Canadian cheese make a fabulous sauce - your kids’ll love Mondays!

Friday Night Cheeseburger Pizza Pie

Consumer Recipe

A quick and easy take on two family favourites ' pizza and burgers combined into one. If you like serve with additional burger toppings, such as crumbled Canadian Feta cheese, grilled mushrooms, sliced red onion or with a crunchy pickle on the side. Yummy!

Family-Night Chicken Nachos

Consumer Recipe

This restaurant favourite gets a “make over” with the addition of Milk, fresh vegetables, lean chicken and baked tortilla chips – all of the flavour and fun of a platter of nachos remains!

Parmesan Popcorn Snack Mix

Consumer Recipe

Snack time is so much more fun with a homemade mix of freshly popped corn, sweet dried fruit, crunchy nuts, spices and zesty Canadian Parmesan cheese! It’s just the thing to satisfy hungry athletes after practice or movie-night munchies.