The culinary calm after the storm!

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Good news! Summer is finally here, which means it’s time for family picnics and BBQs! And even better news—there’s an abundance of Canadian fresh healthful foods that are guaranteed to put some happiness and sunshine in all your meals!

By DFC - PLC, Nutrition Team
BBQ cooking


  • Cooking at home means you get to choose exactly what goes on your plate, prepare the right amount to satisfy your appetite, make healthful choices, save money, and support our farmers, by looking for Canadian products!
  • Did you know that cooking can positively influence your level of stress? For many, spending time in the kitchen is like a form of therapy, a way to unwind.
  • Below you will find simple recipe ideas that are nutritious, delicious, AND easy on the wallet!

The past few months inspired many of us to get back to basics and rediscover the joys of cooking at home, using grocery store staples. Right now, nothing is trendier than to stock your fridge and pantry with fresh ingredients made by Canadian farmers and producers.

At-home and in-season

Preparing home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients can help improve your health, as well as that of your family. 

By filling your grocery cart with wholesome, seasonal choices, like fruit, vegetables, whole-grain products, and protein-packed foods, you’re ensuring your menu provides essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and protein. Milk products, for example, provide 15 nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D, and complete protein. No wonder Health Canada considers milk, cheese and yogurt as nutritious protein foods that are good for you as part of a healthy eating pattern! In addition to being filling, they are versatile and easy to integrate into almost any recipe. Why not start your day with a healthy and delicious breakfast smoothie bowl?

Cooking is calming 

The pride you feel after preparing a delicious home-cooked meal for you and your loved ones has a significant impact on your health . . . your mental health, that is! 

In fact, according to Julie Ohana, culinary arts therapist, cooking helps increase your self-esteem and better manage your stress. Plus, it allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones . . . away from all those screens! Treat yourself and the whole family to this flavourful summer dish: fresh pesto potato salad with Brick cheese.

Cook and save

Making your own meals can save you a ton of money. By keeping your kitchen stocked with simple and nutritious ingredients, such as legumes, in-season fruit and vegetables, eggs, and dairy products, you can whip up simple, tasty, and wholesome meals in no time—meals the whole family will love! Need some inspiration for tonight’s dinner? Let yourself be inspired by this hearty cheddar, leek, and mushroom focaccia.


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