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Butter Tarts

Consumer Recipe

Traditional, sweet and tasty (and oh so lovely!), there’s no resisting Butter Tarts. All it takes is one bite into the sweet, creamy and subtly vanilla-flavoured filling made with Canadian butter and cream to be convinced to come back for more.

Cajun Butter

Consumer Recipe

This is the Cajun Butter recipe.

Canadian Butter Board

Consumer Recipe

Take your next gathering to the next level with this decadent butter board with four different flavours and toppings.

How to soften butter

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Handy tips for how to soften butter from the fridge or freezer, and how long it will take. Plus, how to cook or bake with butter even when it is hard or frozen.

How to Measure Butter

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Learn how to convert and measure butter for cooking or baking. Convert sticks to cups or blocks using our handy conversion chart. Plus other great kitchen tips!

How to Cook With Butter

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Butter makes everything better! Learn how to sauté, sear, and drizzle with butter for your next meal. Plus, tips for making better sauces, dips, and spreads!

Easy Butter Chicken

Consumer Recipe

An Indian restaurant-favourite, the smooth sauce and tender chicken melt in your mouth - like butter. Serve over rice with cucumber slices.