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There’s a cream for that

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Canadian cream is a luxurious addition to more than your morning coffee. Think yummy curries or creamy mac & cheese. See how cream can make your everyday delicious.

Cream Soup

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An easy and delicious soup with a velvety texture and a creamy smoothness.

Cream Sauce

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A basic cream sauce that can be used in a variety of recipes, including pastas, and can be spiced up in many ways.

Cream Scones

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Whether you serve them as a snack, for breakfast or brunch or with tea, as do the English, these soft breads, with their golden crust (originally from Scotland), will disappear in a jiffy. Serve them while still warm for a truly scrumptious delight. In this recipe, the scones are topped with whipped cream and apricot jam, but you can serve them with the jam of your choice. Simply delicious, my dear!.

Mocha Cream

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This is the Mocha Cream recipe.

Irish cream coffee

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Impress your friends and family at your next get-together with this classic cocktail topped with Canadian whipped cream.

Boston Cream Pie

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Recipe from Ashley Ramey
Winner of Great Cream Challenge October 2013

Cream can be incorporated in so many different types of pie. Why not take a traditional cake based dessert and simplify it into pie form. Everybody loves pie!

Cream of Carrot Soup

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Homemade soup fits the bill for a quick weeknight dinner, lunch packed up and ready to heat or a starter for a weekend meal. The sweet taste of carrots accented with cheese and milk will please all members of the family.
-Recipe from Anne Friesen, dairy farmer from Morden, Manitoba.