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Orange Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

Consumer Recipe

A cake you don't bake. A favourite recipe with subtle new flavours and lightened-up. It's great to make-ahead.

UHT milk: A hot topic

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Ever wondered why some milk products don’t require refrigeration prior to opening? Get the facts about Ultra-High Temperature milk here.

How To Freeze & Store Milk

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Yes, milk can be frozen! And it's best when consumed within 3 days of opening. Learn more tips for how to store milk and keep it fresh, from the store to home.

Milk Quality

Corporate Resource

Canadian milk is some of the highest-quality milk in the world, produced to some of the highest standards. Find out what makes our milk great!

Milk Mayonnaise

Consumer Recipe

Here’s a well-kept secret: you can actually make a thick, creamy mayonnaise using milk!

Super Milk

Consumer Recipe

This is the Super Milk recipe.

Spinach Baked Cheese Ravioli

Consumer Recipe

All the flavours of a lasagna, without all the work. Simply layer, bake and serve with a cold glass of milk and side salad.

Mom’s Cheese Tortellini Soup

Consumer Recipe

Kids love cheese tortellini – combine with staple vegetables and milk for a creamy, easy to prepare main meal soup. Serve with whole grain crackers.

Milk Bread Rolls

Consumer Recipe

The perfect side dish for any meal, these heavenly dinner rolls made with Canadian Milk are soft, tender and buttery.