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Cream Soup

Consumer Recipe

An easy and delicious soup with a velvety texture and a creamy smoothness.

Corn Soup

Consumer Recipe

By Stefano Faita

Shamrock Soup

Consumer Recipe

On a day when we celebrate everything green, why not make dinner green, too? Broccoli and potatoes make a bright, perfectly smooth and delicious soup that’s easy to make. The shamrock-shaped cheese croutons add fun, crunch and flavour.

Hearty Soups

Consumer Recipe

This is the Hearty Soups recipe.

Brie Soup

Consumer Recipe

This is the Brie Soup recipe.

Mushroom Soup

Consumer Recipe

This is the Mushroom Soup recipe.

Broccoli Soup

Consumer Recipe

This is the Broccoli Soup recipe.

Red Lentil Soup

Consumer Recipe

Milk perfectly complements the incomplete protein from lentils enhancing the overall nutritional value of this dish.