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Velvety Vichyssoise

Consumer Recipe

A velvety smooth soup. It's lightly seasoned and should be served well chilled.

Quick Bread

Consumer Recipe

This quick bread goes really well with a bowl of hot soup or long-simmered stew.

Classic Potato Leek Soup

Consumer Recipe

Everyone needs a fabulous potato and leek soup in their repertoire – well, this is it! The classic flavour is simple yet, wonderful. Make a terrific dinner by pairing a steaming bowl with a grilled cheese sandwich on multigrain bread.

Get up and Go Breakfast Smoothie

Consumer Recipe

Smoothies are a great addition to a balanced breakfast. This recipe includes a a full serving of fruit and yogurt, as well as fibre.

Delicious All-Green White Bean Soup

Consumer Recipe

This White Bean Green Soup is your ideal winter companion for a nutritious and warming meal. Its creamy texture and subtle flavours offer a comforting and satisfying experience. White beans are an outstanding source of plant-based protein. When combined with dairy products, they make for a balanced and healthy choice, ideal for vegetarians and those seeking a well-rounded diet. Dive into this wholesome delight and savour the goodness!

Chocolate Raspberry Quinoa Pudding

Consumer Recipe

Do you love rice pudding? Do you love chocolate and raspberries? Well, here is your next favourite dessert: quinoa simmered into a pudding with a deep chocolate flavour and punch of raspberries. You won’t believe how delicious it is (and so simple to make).

Swiss Apple Breakfast Loaf

Consumer Recipe

Moist and delicious, this loaf made with sautéed apples and Canadian Swiss cheese, is easily prepared in advance and freezes well. Ideal in the holiday season, serve this treat for breakfast, brunch or with coffee or tea for when friends arrive unexpectedly.