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What supply management means for Canadians

Consumer Article DFC - PLC

Supply management is a sustainable agricultural system that provides peace of mind to farmers and consumers. Find out what it means for Canadians.

Valentine's Day Cards

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For Valentine’s Day, send this little note of love to someone special! 💙🥛🐮

Gingerbread Clementine Eggnog Trifle

Consumer Recipe

In this Christmas cake recipe, bites of homemade gingerbread-flavored cake (think gingerbread men, but fluffy!) layered over creamy eggnog pudding, and topped with clementines and homemade whipped cream with a subtle hint of vanilla—made with Canadian milk of course.

Chef Dev's Panzanella & Bocconcini Salad

Consumer Recipe

This Panzanella & Bocconcini Salad, develop by renowned Canadian chef Devan Rajkumar, is both great-tasting and great for the planet.

Auntie Jen’s Banana Bread 

Consumer Recipe

Moist and delicious, this banana bread is perfect served hot out of the oven with butter and a cup of coffee.

Lemon & Herb Tzatziki with Stovetop Pitas and Chicken Skewers

Consumer Recipe

This is a simple recipe to whip up on a warm summer night! Accompanied by grilled chicken skewers, stovetop flatbread, and extra cut up summer vegetables, this is sure to be a new hit for an easy 15 minute weeknight meal. Enjoy this summer's bounty with the most delicious tzatziki you have ever tasted.

Whipped Feta Berry Balsamic Dip

Consumer Recipe

Whipped feta is having a moment, and this creative take on it is even more savoury than the classic versions you might have tried: the addition of Canadian Greek yogourt to the usual feta cheese/olive oil mixture makes for an extra creamy dip, and the toppings take the dish to the next level—the sweet and tart, honey-roasted raspberries and strawberries compliment and balance the creaminess to perfection.

FroYo Everyday

Consumer Recipe

Enjoy frozen yogurt at home with these easy, creamy, cool desserts!