7 smoothie recipes to make every day a smoothie day

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Smoothies are a quick and easy way to try out different combinations of fresh fruits and veggies. That said, here are 7 delicious recipes to help you create a fun smoothie schedule. These tasty recipes prove that nutritious ingredients can be oh-so flavourful.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team

For a little something extra to look forward to, here’s 7 yummy smoothie recipes to try. A treat for each day of the week!



Bogged down by a case of the Mondays? We’ve got you covered. This splendid combination of chocolatey goodness with creamy yogurt and nutty coconut is a surefire way to overcome the Monday blues.


We already know that chocolate and cherry mesh wonderfully together. However, this smoothie’s true excellence comes from its use of sweet potato—the surprising ingredient that adds sweetness and a velvety texture to the mix.



Happy hump day! This zesty smoothie marries the tropical flavours of mango and ginger with the slight bitterness of Swiss chard. It’s the perfect boost to get you through the week.



Add some pep to your Friday’s eve with the fresh tartness of raspberry. This smoothie is the perfect example of how splendidly veggies and fruits pair together.



Ah, Friday—the day we’ve all been waiting for. And now that it’s here, it’s time to treat yourself. And trust us, this smoothie is quite the treat. Featuring the comforting, mouth-watering flavours of apple pie, your taste buds will certainly thank you.



Have yourself a sweet, sweet Saturday with a smoothie brimming with flavour. Sweet and tart, creamy and fresh—this beverage is sure to hit all the spots!



Mix cranberries and raspberries for a flavour-packed smoothie sure to awaken your senses. The best way to add a jolt of refreshing energy to your otherwise lazy Sunday.

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