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Rainy Day Spinach Dip

Consumer Recipe

When kids are watching TV, they can lose track of how much they're putting away. So when a rainy afternoon comes along, just set down a bowl of Rainy Day Spinach Dip and some raw vegetables. They'll love it, even if they know it's good for them!

A Day in the Life of a Canadian Dairy Cow

Corporate Resource

It only takes a few minutes to milk a cow – so how do they spend the rest of their day? Learn more about the typical day of a Canadian dairy cow.

National Cheese Day Contest Rules

Consumer Resource

Enter for a chance to win one of two (2) prizes, each consisting of three (3) selected Canadian cheese and three (3) Canadian accompaniments.

Any Day, Any Time Smoothies

Consumer Recipe

Homemade smoothies are a super way to get kids and adults to boost their milk, fruit and vegetable servings. These recipes have extra nutrition built right in and all of them taste great!