Before it hits the plate, before it’s cooked, before it’s poured from the carton, there’s a whole dairy journey.

Check out below our reverscipes prepared by talented chefs and take the quiz for a chance to win a Canadian chef's kit.

The Legend-Dairy Quiz

Think you’re the cream of the crop when it comes to your milk knowledge? Take our moo-ltiple choice quiz, then enter for a chance to win a chef's prize pack.

Legend-Dairy Quiz - Prize winners: Donna (from Regina, SK), Jocelyne (from Lindsay, ON), Christopher (from Edmonton, AB) and Joan (from Perth, ON)

Next draw dates: October 28th 2021 and November 4th 2021


A Greener Future

Canadian dairy farmers milk cows and care for them too. But they care just as much about the environment. Our farmers know just how important it is to respect the land, water, and air that makes this country so beautiful. See how they’re incorporating future-friendly practices on their farms. 

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