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Curry: A world of flavour

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Curry is much more than the yellow powder you have in your spice rack. It involves an endless variety of spices that create the delicious curries we crave today.

Quick Chicken Curry with Sweet Peppers

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Cook up your own curry in a hurry with every day ingredients and the any day magic of cream. Adjust the curry paste according to your tastes using a medium or hot paste if you prefer a kick.

Indian Shrimp Curry

Consumer Recipe

One way to beat the heat is to join it, as the East Indians discovered centuries ago. The Indians enjoy their curries very hot and spicy, and tend to cool them down with condiments. Our recipe has been adjusted to suit Canadian tastebuds, but you can add as much curry powder as your own family likes.

Curry Sauce

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This is the Curry Sauce recipe.

Super-Fast Chicken and Vegetable Curry

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This mild-flavoured, colourful dish is a super introduction to curry. For those who are already fans, increase the amount of curry for a more robust flavour. Serve over cooked rice or noodles and with Indian flatbread.